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Contest Wall of Shame

This page is dedicated to the people that have competed in the Drug Tested physique events and tested positive for illegal performance enhancing drugs. The "Cincinnati Natural" and "Monster Mash Natural" are held in the Cincinnati area and are all natural events. The competitors must sign entries and all testing material stating that they are drug free athletes. We also firmly state at ALL athlete meetings that we do test and if an athlete fails testing they will be disqualified and names will be posted.

In almost every case, after notifying the guilty party(s), they try to use the excuse "something must have been in my supplements. I get them at supplement store." WRONG!!! The lab we use is one of the best and they double check failures.

~ Contestants Disqualified Since 2007 ~

2007 Monster Mash natural

Drew Smith HW
Randy Stamper LHW
Tanner Neil LHW

2008 Monster Mash Natural

Josh Haberstroh LHW
Jeff Blankenship Masters (ovr 50)
Adam Frost HW

2012 Monster Mash Natural

Jennifer Noble WP tall

2012 Cincinnati Natural

Michael Paderes BW

2014 - Cincinnati Natural

Rashid Alriyami WW
Andre Khayenko HW

2015 - Cincinnati Natural

Andre Khayenko HW - For the second and final time!

Do Not Cheat

The best urinalysis labs are used to ensure all contests are fair. If you take steroids or dieuretics, you will be posted on the Wall of Shame. No exceptions!